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40-ci qapi
Year: 2009
Country: Azerbaijan
Genre: Drama
Review: Fourteen-year-old Rustam lives with his mother in a village; his father was killed by the Russian mafia. After his father's death, Rustam tries to provide for himself and his mother without resorting to illegal money-making schemes. But his dream is to join a music band. The title of the film refers to an Azerbaijani fairy tale about saving a princess from a house with 40 doors; no one has succeeded in opening the last door, and thus its secret remains hidden. The villagers have named their village the 40th door as well. - IMDb

Till Death Do Us Part
Year: 2011
Country: Canada USA
Genre: Short / Comedy
Review: In a world overrun with zombies, Eddy and Shelly's wedding consummation is interrupted by an encounter with Shelly's undead father. Eddy is sent to deal with the problem, under strict orders not to harm Shelly's Daddy. - IMDb

Don't Be Afraid 2012
Year: 2012
Country: Canada
Genre: Short / Music

Pokemon: The After Years
Year: 2012
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation / Short / Action / Comedy
Review: Bruno is a disgraced Pokemon, trying to survive as an average Joe in a world that has banned Pokemon fighting. - IMDb

NWO United We Stand
Year: 2013
Country: Canada
Genre: Short / Sci-Fi / War
Review: In 2018, the Earth has come under attack from alien forces. A U.S. Special Forces team is sent in to recover a downed alien craft, but what they discover there calls into question their whole purpose. - IMDb

The Big Wild North
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Genre: Animation / Short / Action / Adventure / Family
Review: Michel is a kid who's just been in an accident where he lost his parents. His uncle and aunt decide to take him camping to help him forget his troubles but instead they get involved in a small town conspiracy where several locals have gone missing. - IMDb

La grande quercia
Year: 1997
Country: Italy
Genre: Drama / War
Review: In 1943, Vincenzio and Maria take their children to his father's Tuscan farm. Vincenzio commutes to Rome where he's a physician and, in the hospital basement, prints an anti-Fascist paper. His brother is in the Resistance; his father supplies food to a local monastery where 12 fugitives hide. All is seen through the eyes of the oldest child, Paulo, who's about 7 and the only lad at school who doesn't wear a Fascist Youth uniform. For Paulo and his siblings, it's great fun playing with their nonno, finding herbs in the fields, watching a maid's tryst with a soldier, teasing a silent monk. Then the war reaches the farm when Italy surrenders and the Germans exact revenge. - IMDb

Year: 2013
Country: Spain
Genre: Short

Timebreakers - auf der Suche nach dem geheimnisvollen Heidekristall
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Genre: Adventure / Family / Fantasy / History
Review: The nine year old Larissa lives in the Luneburg Heath. She is in the clique "The Timies", which is devoted to historical events and facts. In this summer holidays, Larissa's cousins from Berlin are visiting the Luneburg Heath for the first time. From now on, Emma more and more realizes that she disposes of a mysterious talent. By touching antique objects she is able to look into the past of these things. Will they be able to find this treasure? And what has this shining crystal appearing in Emma's visions to do with it? - IMDb

Ye. leung heun
Year: 2007
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Drama

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