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Kleftis i I pragmatikotita
Year: 2001
Country: Greece
Review: Angelidi's highly theatrical, experimental and allegorical film is divided into three independently existing segments that intertwine because of the involvement of the Thief, the connecting link between the three reality perspectives. The three segments are The Net, The Dice and Free Will, each one representing a philosophical idea and a natural element, (Fate-Fire, Chance-Water, Free Will-Earth), respectively. A sculptress of funereal memorials has visions of the Last Judgment, a mother who lost her son attaches herself to remnants of memory and fantastical visions of encounters, and an actor prepares for Antigone, with fictional reality invading his existential realm. The film explores the different levels of reality that can be experienced: the metaphysical (Death, God and religion), the tangible (love and mother-son relationships), and the externalization of the soul through art (theater and fiction). The Thief stands for Time, as time is a thief and destroys everything. - IMDb

Jack Irish (TV series)
Year: 2016
Country: Australia
Genre: Crime
Review: Jack is engaged to find a missing person, only to be later framed for his murder. Jack is quickly caught up in a complex web of powerful vested interests that stretches from his home town of Fitzroy to a remote village in the Philippines. - IMDb

The Resurgence
Year: 2016
Country: Australia
Genre: Short / Action
Review: In the not to distant future, where greed has strangled the life of all living creatures as industry flourishes. A scattered rebellion has been in hiding since the end of the war after their leader vanished, biding their time to make a move. Five years have now passed since the end of the war and the rebellion is moving out, with or without their leader. - IMDb

A Fish Out of Water
Year: 2016
Country: Australia
Genre: Short

Year: 2015
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama / War

Imposible para una solterona
Year: 1976
Country: Spain
Genre: Comedy / Drama

Das Surfcamp (TV series)
Year: 2011
Country: Germany
Genre: Reality-TV

Yeshchyo do voyny (TV)
Year: 1982
Country: Soviet Union
Genre: Romance

Laura, la santa colombiana (TV series)
Year: 2014
Country: Colombia
Genre: Drama

Komödienstadel - Endstation Drachenloch (TV)
Year: 2009
Country: Germany
Genre: Comedy

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